The Office of Strategy + Innovation sets direction and drives performance through the intersection of knowledge, ideas and collaboration to create positive change for St. Louis County. To learn more about the Office of Strategy + Innovation, click here


St. Louis County, by County charter, is required to have a 5-year strategic plan. The last strategic plan was completed in 2013 and was ground breaking due to its data-driven nature. In 2015, the Office of Strategy + Innovation synthesized and updated the plan into a strategic framework when County Executive Stenger came into office. St. Louis County's strategic framework has 4 focus areas: 

  • Equitable, Responsible Governance

  • Healthy, Engaged Residents

  • Desirable, Connected Communities

  • Accessible, Attractive Opportunities

Linking Data to Impact:

The strategic framework is data-driven and supported by 15 strategic priorities within the four focus areas. Under each strategic priority are goals, outcomes and metrics. Impact sessions, St. Louis County's version of "CountyStat" meetings, are held monthly with department directors and focus on the data within a strategic priority. We measure community-level indicators for a broad, high level view of how St. Louis County is faring. To date, we have pulled and analyzed over 200 indicators.

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